Machalilla Park

Pacific Coast
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Machalilla Park is located close to the Puerto Lopez village. This is one of the most extensive protected areas of the Coast and includes beaches, islands and islets, dry and humid forest, and archeological sites which reveals ceremonial centers of pre-Columbian cultures

The natural beauty that you will find in the Los Frailes beach, surrounded by whitish sand comparable to that of Galapagos, is part of a landscape that invites a restful rest, in the middle of cliffs, fauna diversity and waters that at certain times of the day take on a turquoise tonality. At Agua Blanca an archaeological site will show you the ancestral culture, there is also a volcanic lagoon of sulfur healing waters where you can enjoy a magical bath with mud. Pile is a little village whose inhabitants continue the pottery tradition, this zone is also important for being the cradle of the Toquilla Straw Hat.